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European-wide Action Week Against Racism - 17-25 March 2012

Racism must not be tolerated nor ignored - Lets confront it UNITED!

More than 250 coordinated activities organised by 187 grass-roots organisations and different groups in 48 European countries answered to the UNITED call to fight racism, discrimination and intolerance with non-violent action.

The discrimination and exclusion of minorities has a significant impact on society. Political exploitation, hate speech, biased media coverage of topics such as immigration and integration are too often utilised to split society along perceived cultural and religious borders.

During the European-wide Action Week Against Racism the value of equal rights for all is promoted by action such as interactive workshops, marches, exhibitions, discussions, lectures, seminars and much more. All to encourage people to enjoy and value the diversity of today's intercultural society.

Historical background
21 March is the International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, established by The General Assembly of the United Nations in 1966 following the brutal murder of 69 protestors in the South African township of Sharpeville in 1960. The massacre occurred while they had gathered to protest against the apartheid laws of the South African government, a regime systematically enforcing racial inequality and segregation. Today racist murders and violence are still commonplace and racial discrimination continues to creep into every corner of our societies.

UNITED for Intercultural Action
The campaign is coordinated by UNITED for Intercultural Action - the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. Within the UNITED network more than 550 organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds, from 48 European countries, work together in common activities and projects. UNITED is and will remain independent from all political parties, organisations and states, but seeks an active co-operation with other anti-racist initiatives in Europe.

List of Activities

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Byl/a jste Vy nebo někdo ve Vašem okolí napaden/a z důvodu:
- barvy pleti
- národnosti či etnické příslušnosti
- náboženského vyznání
- sexuální orientace či identity
- příslušnosti k sociální skupině?

Mělo napadení podobu:
- verbálního útoku, nadávek
- poškozování majetku
- zastrašování, vyhrožování nebo vydírání
- sexuálního útoku
- žhářského útoku
- fyzického napadení
- usmrcení?

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