Report on March 20 event in Prague

O úroveň výš

Along with other groups across the world, In IUSTITIA celebrated the United Nations’
Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21st through raising awareness about the ongoing issue of racism within the Czech Republic.

The day was commemorated by screening the film, “Circle: A Portrait of a Demonstration” and discussion at the Globe Bookstore & Cafe with guest speakers journalist Richard Samko and political scientist Václav Walach.

“I believe that only through discussion and increased awareness of this issue will bring about change in the society,” said attendee Yelena Guillén Ortega. “This is an easy problem to forget about if it does not happen to you directly even though it is something that affects society as a whole.”

The event was the first of its kind hosted by In IUSTITIA and was done so to spark a dialogue amongst people from various backgrounds about the issues of racism and discrimination. In IUSTITIA felt that it was important to extend the message about the prevention of racism to a broader audience by reaching out to both Czechs and expats living in Prague along with experts and those who were not familiar with the situation. By combining these different groups together it highlighted that racial discrimination is a societal issue, not just for those who directly work with or are affected by it.

“In the first place we wanted to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination by providing people with an opportunity to gather and share their experience with such issue. Everyone can become a target of racial discrimination or even violence in certain situations and at certain places,” said Martina Dvořáková, community worker at In IUSTITIA. “Since we met in the Czech Republic on that day, we also wanted to present and discuss the specific and very concerning feature of our society which are anti-Roma attitudes commonly held by majority population.”

The discussion following the film focused on the issues that can cause racial discrimination such as economic downfalls, high unemployment rates, and unresponsive governments. By hearing about the situations in countries all over the world, one was able to see the striking similarities as well as the variances in racial discrimination over the globe. While the Czech Republic has its own unique struggles with combating racism, it is an international issue that deserves an international perspective.

In IUSTITIA hopes to hold more events like this in the future to increase the public conversation about racial discrimination. This was a part of ongoing efforts to reach a wider audience and create an outlet for the public to get involved in finding solutions to fight racism with in the Czech Republic.

Datum: 03.04.2012


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